About Sico

About Us

Covering 75 years of history, this beautiful short follows Sico from its founding, through its rise driven by a passion for quality and thirst for innovation, to the present day. It is a celebration of a company that has always stayed true to its roots and what it stands for.

  • 1937


    The Beginning

    Founded in 1937 by Mr. Roméo Filion and Mr. Marcel Deslauriers, Sico began as a small store producing commercial and industrial paints and varnishes in Quebec City. Its beginnings were modest and difficult as a start-up in the midst of the Great Depression, and yet Sico's origins speak to the spirit of courage, determination, and innovation that would come to define its success.

  • 1942


    Tragedy Hits

    On December 21, a huge fire destroys the company's equipment and Sico has to move. Despite the fire, Sico is gaining traction and making a name for itself.

  • 1955


    Going New Places

    Sico opens a branch in Montreal.

  • 1960s


    Acquisition and Growth

    Sico continues to grow throughout the 1960s, acquiring several Quebec paint companies, expanding its production capabilities with a new plant in Montreal, and opening a warehouse in Moncton, New Brunswick to better serve its clients in the Atlantic provinces.

  • 1964


    Sico Expands

    On a 300,000 sq. ft. piece of land in Longueuil, Quebec, Sico builds a high-tech factory to produce more paints, related products, and for greater storage space.

  • 1977


    Success in Quebec

    Sico becomes the most sold brand in the province of Quebec.

  • 1986


    More Than Just a Paint Company

    The 1980s are exceptional years for Sico as it introduces new paint products, TV spots, and even a computer program. The company issues its first public share offering and participates in creating the Nova Paint Club, an international association whose seven members exchange technologies. Sico acquires Mulco in 1986, a leading sealant company at the time, which is still prominent in Quebec today.

  • 1993


    Big Brand Meets Big Box

    Sico enters the large retailers market, placing their products in Réno-Dépots.

  • 1999


    Another Big Win

    Sico enters Rona L’entrepôt, a big win that puts Sico on shelves across Canada. Sico also launches the first-ever washable matte paint, Cashmere. Its revolutionary formula marks a technological breakthrough in the paint industry.

  • 2002


    Sico's Everywhere!

    Sico becomes a national brand following an expansion in Western Canada.

  • 2006


    Introducing Tomorrow’s Answers Today

    Hans Wijers, CEO of AkzoNobel, purchases Sico to reinforce AkzoNobel’s presence in North America, noting that Sico is a leading brand in Canada and shares similar values with AkzoNobel.

  • 2012


    75 Years Young...

    Sico celebrated its 75th anniversary and hasn't stopped innovating! It introduced new digital tools, color display and another revolutionary paint product.

  • 2013



    Sico became part of PPG Architectural Coatings, when the latter acquired all of AkzoNobel’s North American brands in 2013. A global leader in coatings and specialty products, its motto, “Bringing innovation to the surface” reflects a shared commitment to serve clients through leadership in innovation, sustainability and colour. In the midst of this, Sico launched its Evolution line of durable, washable paints.