Chevrons are all the rage these days. They’re everywhere — making their way from highways to haute couture runways and, of course, interior design. This energetic zigzag pattern has the power to add pizazz to any room while keeping it edgy and contemporary.

Boost your décor as much as you’d like with this versatile modern motif. Add a little vroom to your room with just a few lines, or go for it and create a striking 3D effect. Either way, you’re in the driver’s seat.


Paint the wall with your base colour of choice and let it dry overnight. Measure the width of the wall, divide by the number of desired chevrons, and place landmarks on the wall. Repeat for the height of the wall or the surface you’d like to cover.

Connect the landmarks using masking tape, alternating between the top and bottom rows. With scissors, trim any excess tape to get perfect points. If desired, identify sections you don’t want to paint with an X made of masking tape.

Paint a light coat of the base colour at the junction of the wall and the tape at the top and bottom, creating a barrier that will prevent the contrasting colour from seeping through. Let dry.

Paint your coloured chevrons. Let dry a few hours and remove the tape before the paint is completely dry.