Polka Dots


A little addition that makes any room pop! It’s an ultra-versatile technique that suits all styles. Think big or small circles, in perfect order or randomly placed all over the place — here on a wall, there on a piece of furniture. There are no limits. Use the same colour for accent pillows or a favourite vase, or even play with multiple colours for a more lively look.


Apply the base coat on the wall and let it dry overnight for best results. Buy a stencil, or trace circles onto cardboard or plastic to make your own. Use scissors or an exacto knife to cut them out.

Starting at the top of the wall, attach the stencil using a low-adhesion tape. Paint a thin layer of the base colour around the inside contour to prevent your accent colour from seeping through. Let dry.

Paint the inside of the polka dots in any colour you choose and let them dry overnight. If you want to align your dots, draw a landmark directly below your stencil. Remove the stencil delicately, measure and replace it at the desired distance below.