Timeless and classic, stripes add elegance and whimsy to any setting and never go out of style. This simple technique is easygoing and fun for everyone. All you need are a few brushes, some colour choices and masking tape to create a bold new effect.

To enlarge any room, choose horizontal stripes. To increase the height, go for vertical. And remember, when you insert thin white lines between each colour, it accentuates the contrast. Want a more playful look? Dare to put a third colour in the lineup, or play with matte and glossy finishes. Keep in mind that wide stripes and non-parallel lines attract unparalleled results and compliments!


Apply the lighter colour as the base layer and let it dry overnight for best results. Then measure the wall and
divide by an odd number of stripes in order to get the same colour at both ends.

Trace landmarks on your wall according to the desired width of stripe and then use a level to connect them. When you keep wall fixtures and light switches inside the stripes, it makes things easier.

Apply masking tape slightly outside the lines and smooth it down firmly onto the wall, making sure it’s not creased. If desired, identify the stripes you don’t want to paint with an X made of masking tape.

Paint another coat in your base colour at the junction of the wall and the tape to create a barrier and prevent any other colours from seeping through. Let dry.

Paint your colour bands. Let them dry for a few hours and remove the tape before the paint is completely dry.