Off-grade colour


Colour different from the colour sample.

Colour different from the colour sample.


  1. Poorly mixed coating.
  2. Mixing error: formula, colourant or tint base.
  3. Lack of drying.
  4. Incompatible colourants.


  1. Mix coating with a stirring stick down to the bottom of the container. Products that have been stored for a long time must be stirred for a longer period.
  2. Prepare a new mix.
  3. Allow the coating to fully dry before evaluating the colour.
  4. Do not use the product.
  • Note that colour shade changes while the paint dries. Our colour perception may vary according to the lighting, texture, appearance and dimensions of surfaces. In addition, nobody has a good memory for colours.
  • Allow surfaces to dry. To make sure that you get the desired colour, test the product on a right-size, identical surface.