The BioCentric theme is representative of Air - but in the grandest sense. Not just the air we breathe on Earth, but the cosmic winds that runs through every part of our universe. In this way, the theme presents a design philosophy that we are all connected, that galactic energy is more a part of our everyday life than we may think, and that the universe is once again becoming a design influence.
The palette dazzles us with its balance of outer space-inspired hues and saturated organics.
The extra-terrestrial inspired colours are composed of galactic darks – that range from ultra-black to blue-black, green-black gray, and gray – and muted pastels – that range from bluish to purple, pink and pale gray - like the hazy hues often seen when looking at pictures of the cosmos. 
The Organics inspired colours range from intense yellow, orange and pink-orange hues, and a mix of natural greens from pale gray-green to leafy to olive in tone.
Δ Requires a specialised White primer base coat.
▲ Requires a tintable primer base coat.
• Only available in 3.78L sizes and up.
* May require one or more additional coat(s).a
Note: Sico colours are supplied as indicators only. Even if the resolution of your screen is properly adjusted, we cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your monitor correspond exactly to the Sico colour range. The various types of monitors and graphics cards on the market all have their own particular characteristics and will all show slight variations in colour from one model to the other.
  1. Here you’ll find the menu to go from one colour hue to the next.

  2. When you click on this cube, you’ll see the colour or colours featured in the photo.

  3. To save a colour to one of your projects, simply click on this icon.

  4. For each colour, we’ve put together a selection of shades based on their intensity.

  5. Click on the colour of your choice to find out more about it.

  6. To see the full colour palette, click on this link.