Let the sunshine in!

Enthusiastic, exuberant and dazzling, yellow is the colour of confidence. It radiates happiness wherever it goes and is perfect for wherever you want to create a feeling of vitality, motion and life.

From the office to the kitchen, from the dining room to the cloakroom, even in cupboards and pantries — yellow is a happily felt presence. In rooms that are dark, it’s evanescent; in large rooms, it instils warmth; and in sun-filled rooms, it intensifies the light.
  • Colour Psychology

  • Personality

    Warm, cheery and chic, yellow overflows with creativity and optimism.


    Egg Yolk

  • Power

    Stimulates your memory, lifts spirits, and makes people want to smile.


    Sponge Toffee

  • Essence

    Comforting and cheering, yellow is the colour of hope.


    Banana Tree

  • Trends

    A soothing colour that relieves stress, yellow is also highly adaptable and goes well with almost all materials.


    Mimosa Bouquet

  • Spirit

    Yellow brings warmth and unifies for a spiritual, trusting space.


    Custard Tart

Δ Requires a specialised White primer base coat.
▲ Requires a tintable primer base coat.
• Only available in 3.78L sizes and up.
* May require one or more additional coat(s).