Let the sunshine in!

Enthusiastic, exuberant and dazzling, yellow is the colour of confidence. It radiates happiness wherever it goes and is perfect for wherever you want to create a feeling of vitality, motion and life.

From the office to the kitchen, from the dining room to the cloakroom, even in cupboards and pantries — yellow is a happily felt presence. In rooms that are dark, it’s evanescent; in large rooms, it instils warmth; and in sun-filled rooms, it intensifies the light.
  • Colour Psychology

  • Personality

    Warm, cheery and chic, yellow overflows with creativity and optimism.


    Egg Yolk

  • Power

    Stimulates your memory, lifts spirits, and makes people want to smile.


    Sponge Toffee

  • Essence

    Comforting and cheering, yellow is the colour of hope.


    Banana Tree

  • Trends

    A soothing colour that relieves stress, yellow is also highly adaptable and goes well with almost all materials.


    Mimosa Bouquet

  • Spirit

    Yellow brings warmth and unifies for a spiritual, trusting space.


    Custard Tart

Δ Requires a specialised White primer base coat.
▲ Requires a tintable primer base coat.
• Only available in 3.78L sizes and up.
* May require one or more additional coat(s).a
Note: Sico colours are supplied as indicators only. Even if the resolution of your screen is properly adjusted, we cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your monitor correspond exactly to the Sico colour range. The various types of monitors and graphics cards on the market all have their own particular characteristics and will all show slight variations in colour from one model to the other.
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