Attention: colours available in stores, but not in the colour display.Note: Sico colours are supplied as indicators only. Even if the resolution of your screen is properly adjusted, we cannot guarantee that the colours you see on your monitor correspond exactly to the Sico colour range. The various types of monitors and graphics cards on the market all have their own particular characteristics and will all show slight variations in colour from one model to the other.
  1. Sico Colour Palette

    A palette of 1,834 colours. An incredible range of possibilities.

    Discover all the colours Sico has to offer.

  2. Slide the red frame along the colour palette for quick and easy browsing.

  3. To explore the palette of a particular hue (reds, yellows, etc.), click on Colour Hues and select the hue of your choice.

  1. When you click on a specific colour, you’ll find out more about it and see suggested colour combinations.