• SICO PAINTS - Grand Manan Black: the 2019 SICO® Colour of the Year

    Feel the spray! It’s time to unveil our 2019 Colour of the Year: a dark green named Grand Manan Black (6161-83)
    That’s right! Grand Manan, like the New Brunswick Island resplendent with desolate beaches and hiking trails, all under breathtaking sunsets. Opulent and rich, our Grand Manan Black paint colour represents nature. A true sanctuary, it invites you to gravitate towards the insular tranquility of Maritime islands and let all the beauty and serenity of the outdoors into your home. 
    Though its name is Grand Manan Black, it’s actually a perfect combination of black and emerald green. A true homage to Canadian landscapes, this hopeful hue pairs marvelously with neutral shades such as Mushroom Mousse (6185-11) and Volcanic Rocks (6208-83).
    But enough talk! Let’s show, not tell. Here’s how to incorporate Grand Manan Black into your home’s decor this year.
    For a monochrome look in the living room
    One flip through a decorating magazine this season and you’ll quickly see that when it comes to furniture, emerald green velvet is still very on-trend. And Sico’s colour experts didn’t go wrong with the seriously versatile Grand Manan Black. We love using it for a monochrome look in the living room, complemented by brushed brass accessories to impart opulence. Try adding some plants to make the ambiance even more sumptuous and inviting.
    Grand Manan in the kitchen or dining room
    Local inspiration is everywhere these days, from food to kitchen walls. Green is a colour that stimulates concentration and spurs conversation. Its dark, exotic tones free the spirit, inviting you to let your hair down and have fun. We adore how it looks combined with materials like natural wood and black metal. 
    Growing up with Grand Manan
    Decorating a kid’s room is the perfect opportunity to get creative. With Grand Manan Black (6161-83), you can be sure the result will be timeless as well as attractive. This dark shade looks best with bold prints, minimalist furniture, and accent colours like Tawny Port (6074-52) for a new twist on classic decor elements. Incorporate animal-inspired accents to treat your little one to a daily safari!
    Fall asleep to the sound of Grand Manan waves
    There’s nothing like waves lapping against the shore to drift off to a peaceful sleep. Recreate this blissful feeling by covering your walls with a coat of dark green Grand Manan Black (6161-83). We love its cocooning effect that promotes restful nights for a taste of summer all year long. Pair it with a touch of dusty rose to create an even softer and more refreshing look. 
  • SICO selects 2018 trending Colour of the Year: Cast Iron

    SICO paint by PPG selects 2018 trending Colour of the Year: Cast Iron
    Sophisticated, stunning black provides modern elegance

    LONGUEUIL, Quebec, Sept. 18, 2017 – This upcoming year, add a touch of elegance to your home with a sophisticated, stunning and unexpected neutral: SICO paint brand’s 2018 Colour of the Year – Cast Iron (6173-83). Dare to go darker with this deep, grounding black hue that offers a respite from life’s worries.

    According to Sico colour experts, black paint highlights a perfect mix of modern yet timeless sophistication and offers a flexibility in design that is often overlooked. Similar to your favourite black handbag, Cast Iron pairs beautifully with almost any design style.

    “Cast Iron is a perfect choice for do-it-yourselfers (DIY-ers) who crave a grounded room that is enveloped in comfort and coziness, beginning with their paint colour selection,” said Mylène Gévry, senior marketing manager, Sico paint brand by PPG. “This colour is hard to ignore and provides a certain grandeur or simplicity to a space because of its flexibility.”
    While black commands attention on its own, Sico colour experts recommend pairing it with a variety of other tones. Layer this deep, rich midnight hue with a variety of trending softer neutrals, such as “millennial pink” Vanilla Orchid (6188-21), a nutmeg-tone like Roma Antiqua (6231-63), a brown-grey like Flawless Grey (6212-31) and a warm white like Zen (6222-11) for a tranquil and minimal look.

    To make a dramatic statement, pair Cast Iron with a dark burgundy like Venetian Wine (6082-85), a mid-tone grey like Industrial Grey (6212-52), a soft beige like Gobi Dunes (6194-42) and an off-white like Ground Coriander (6218-21). Combined with brass or gold accents, this colour palette will give the appearance of elegance and luxury.

    The colour was unanimously selected by PPG’s more than 20 global colour stylists, who specialize in industries that include consumer electronics, architectural, automotive and aerospace. These experts study consumer insights, building material trends, décor trends and more to select a colour forecast that resonates and is reflective of current consumer attitudes.

    “Sico paint’s Cast Iron colour perfectly complements the various trending black building materials and home accessories that we’re seeing in the marketplace. From timeless black windows to matte black kitchen appliances, this hue will fit in perfectly with modern or traditional design elements,” Gévry noted.

    “Black is often overlooked and underappreciated when choosing paint colours for the home, but its ability to refine, subdue and add strength to a space makes it a perfect choice,” said Misty Yeomans, colour marketing manager, Sico paint. “It brings solace and a peacefulness to any space, creating a haven in which to retreat from our always-connected, high-pressure society. Its versatility in pairing with other colours adds to its allure in home decorating.”

  • Make Fall Colours Work for Your Home Office

    Coolest shades of season energize work, study spaces, according to SICO paint
    LONGUEUIL, Quebec, July 25, 2016 – Back to school means back to work for adults and kids alike. What better time to update your home office or study area to boost not only your decor, but your family’s productivity as well? That’s the message of leading brand SICO® paint in unveiling its fall 2016 palette. 
    “Fall is a time of new beginnings, and this season’s pick-me-up shades are perfect for infusing new life into work areas—from vibrant reds and blues, to greyish greens, sun-kissed yellows and classic black-and-white combinations,” said Geneviève Paiement, brand manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG.
    Topping the list of the Sico paint brand’s coolest autumn colours are: Sockeye (6063-73) and Sun-dried Tomato (6057-85) reds, New Moon (6009-73) blue, Grand Piano (6210-83) black, Citrus (6098-54*) yellow, Cool Current (6199-42) green, and Furtive Mauve (6175-21) and Grayish (6240-21) greys.
    “The palette includes trending colours that match every taste. But when selecting hues for home offices or study areas, it’s important to also take into account the user’s personality and the type of work that will be done in the space before committing to a colour scheme,” Paiement said, explaining that colour choices may affect both a person’s mood and work performance.
    For example, if you’re seeking stimulation, motivation or creativity, choose warm and cheerful hues such as reds and yellows, she explained. If you’re easily distracted, she recommends surrounding yourself with soft, muted colours that promote concentration, such as grey-blue, grey-green, pale purple or beachy taupe.
    “For those in doubt, stick with green, the most popular and safest choice when it comes to painting a home office,” Paiement said, citing Zen Green (6168-73) as the Sico paint brand’s top green pick for a home office. “A deep green with a hint of grey, Zen Green promotes both a sense of calm and rejuvenation at once, delivering an excellent backdrop for thought development and productivity.”
    Paiement offered this advice to refresh your work space with this season’s palette:
    Mix it up: A home office or study area is a perfect place to have fun with colour. Try using two or three paint colours to add interest. For smaller areas, stick with different shades of the same hue to infuse character while visually enlarging the space. Use painter’s tape to create patterns such as chevrons, stripes or squares on the wall to tie multiple colours together.
    Go beyond walls: Reserve vibrant colours for furniture and accessories to create a distinctive look for your work area. The edge of a bulletin board, a filing cabinet, desks or chairs can come to life with a fresh coat of paint. Use energetic colours, such as the Sico paint brand’s Citrus (6098-54*) yellow, in surprising ways – on alternating desk drawers, a lamp base or the back of a bookshelf, and even inside drawers and cabinets.
    Maximize space: If your home office space is at a premium, use colour tricks to visually open up the area. Consider painting walls and trim the same colour. Painting built-ins the same hue as the rest of the room will make the shelves appear as if they are floating. Another way to fool the eye and make the room look bigger is by painting the bottom half of the wall in a darker shade than the top half. If your office space is part of another room, paint your desk wall a standout colour and add an area rug to define the work area. 
    Match your style: Choose paint colours according to the overall theme of your home office, including furniture. If your desk and accessories are modern, stick with grey tones – such as the Sico paint brand’s Furtive Mauve (6175-21) or Grayish (6240-21) – as well as whites and blacks, and accent the room with bursts of colour. If you prefer an antique or rustic feel, go with the season’s popular golden yellows, reds or brown sand tones to preserve their charm. Surround yourself with favourite keepsakes, such as books and art pieces, which can serve as inspiration and bring more colour to your space.

  • Lighten up on home decor this season

    Soft, subtle colours trending for spring and summer: SICO paint
    LONGUEUIL, Quebec, March 17, 2016 – In spite of the warmer weather, there’s no better time to chill. Calm and relaxing living spaces are all the rage in home decor this season, with trendy walls sporting soft and subtle colours, according to leading brand SICO® paint in unveiling its spring and summer 2016 palette.
    “From yellow-tinged whites to pale, floral-like pastels anchored by dark grey and black accents, the season’s paint palette is a reflection of the public’s increasing desire for tranquility and balance,” said Geneviève Paiement, brand manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG. “The cocooning trend is back in full force, as consumers choose to create home-based sanctuaries and cut through the technological, political and economic clutter of the outside world by lightening up their surroundings.” 
    Topping the Sico paint brand’s list of popular colours for spring and summer are Himalayan White (6090-11*) creamy white, Alpine Morning (6163-31) soft green, Zuni Landscape (6073-21) light coffee brown, Cotton Duck (6186-63) taupe, Basalt Grey (6208-63) steel, Flanders Lake (6169-73) slate, Venice Skyline (6082-31) dusty rose and Violet Ambiance (6013-31) mauve.
    “The contrast between soft and dark tones delivers a sense of stability to a room,” Paiement said, adding that soothing, powdery pastels also work well with earthy neutrals to create an aura of wellness, purity and peace. 
    She offered this advice on incorporating the season’s trendy colours into your decor: 
    Pick a room, any room: No longer are pastels confined to nurseries, kids’ rooms or feminine-style decor. Today’s pale hues work well in any space, from kitchens to living rooms, and can actually appear masculine when paired with bold colours and patterns. Add warmth, charm and depth to a kitchen, for example, by painting cabinets in a soft colour rather than traditional white. Or make a living area appear larger yet cozy by painting the walls a soft blue and decorating with navy blue or turquoise patterned fabrics.
    Incorporate the unexpected: Use contrasting colours in surprising ways to bring interest and flair to a space. A pastel-painted room, for example, can come to life by painting an accent wall a dark grey or slate colour and adding industrial-inspired pieces, such as black-metal Iight fixtures, furniture or accessories. A room with pale walls can also be energized by introducing a bright punch of colour, painted on the wall behind an open bookcase or around a piece of artwork, or incorporated into furnishings.
    Play with finishes: Pair matte and high-gloss pastel paints side by side for a rich, current look. For example, create a chic powder room by painting the walls in alternating sheens of the Sico paint brand’s Venice Skyline (6082-31) dusty rose, using stripes or colour blocking patterns. Or, make a statement with a piece of furniture painted a high-gloss version of the pastel wall colour. Another option is to apply pale floral-patterned wallpaper on one wall and paint the rest of the room a shade pulled from the design. 
    Combine with wood: There’s something breathtaking and Zen-like about soft pastels mixed with the warmth of wood. In a room featuring natural wood furnishings, trim or decorative moulding, choose a pale pastel tone for the walls and natural fibres and textures for furniture, throw pillows and rugs. Complete the nature-infused decor by bringing in flowers, plants and floral printed-accessories.
    To view the spring and summer 2016 colour palette by Sico paint, get design inspiration from top home decor bloggers, and use a leading-edge virtual tool to try out the colours in your own – or sample – room settings, visit 
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