• SICO Paint 2015 Colour Trends

    Bold Colours to Take Centre Stage in Year Ahead

    LONGUEUIL, Quebec, Sept. 29, 2014 – After years of playing it safe with neutral decor, Canadians are demonstrating more confidence in their colour choices, and this will translate into bolder, more expressive-looking homes in the year ahead.

    That’s the forecast of leading Canadian paint brand SICO® paint in unveiling its top colour picks for 2015. From rich wood and terra cotta shades to deep slate, aqua blue, fruity red and vivid jewel tones, next year’s palette by Sico paint is filled with bold, energetic hues from all colour families – with blues of all shades being a favourite in each group.

    “There’s a world of possibilities when it comes to infusing colour into home decor in the coming year,” said Mylène Gévry, marketing manager for Sico paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings, explaining that the brand’s top-selling colours have traditionally been neutrals. “Whether deep comforting shades or bright tones used alone or in combination, the 2015 palette has something for everyone.”

    Gévry credited technology for the public’s renewed interest in colour. “People today are exposed to bright hues everywhere they go, from vibrant computer screens to digital art-infused consumer goods, so we’ve become more comfortable with colour as a society," she said. “Even anti-technology types who prefer to stay grounded in nature tend to gravitate towards richer earth-bound tones due to the colourful influence of the world around them.”

    Based on research conducted by PPG’s international team of colour experts, the Sico brand has unveiled four prevailing decor themes for the upcoming year: Comfort Zone, Tempo, Pattern Play and Introspection. Each theme offers a diverse range of bold colours, from down-to-earth to opulent tones.

    Comfort Zone: The Comfort Zone theme is about simple living and creating harmony between the natural and man-made worlds. The result is a mix of deep, earthy neutrals and muted blues and pinks. Invoking images of the earth, atmosphere and ocean, this palette of Sico paint colours features a range of soil and rust browns such as Etruscan Villa (6059-63), foliage greens such as Visionary Green (6165-63), and aquatic blues such as Miramichi River (6153-52). Think colourful handcrafted textiles and rattan, braiding, weaving, macramé and crochet. Delivering an uncluttered feel, these colours pair well with grainy wood and iodized metal to add a warm, rustic flair to living spaces.

    Tempo: This grouping of colours reflects consumers who are plugged-in, socially connected and comfortable expressing their individuality. Dominated by vibrant, playful hues, the upbeat collection ranges from raspberry reds and golden yellows to turquoise blues and slate greys, such as Marilyn (6502-33 ▲*) red, Portrait Yellow (6094-64 *), Bikini Blue (6150-63) and Iron Ore (6173-73) grey by Sico paint. Urban neutrals – such as concrete grey and black – balance the intense hues and work well with bright bolds in any decor. Appearing almost illuminated, the colours of the Tempo theme are intended to energize and pick up the pace of life.

    Pattern Play: Last year’s popular craft movement will continue to dominate home decor in 2015, translating into creative expressions of geometric patterning – whether hand- or computer-generated – both on walls and in furnishings, according to Sico paint colour experts. Featuring energetic combinations of spicy reds, deep golds, jewel greens, mid to dark blues, plums, indigos, blacks and greys, the Pattern Play theme emits an international flavour reminiscent of the opulence and tapestry of Eastern cultures. Some of this theme’s majestic hues include Tamari Almond (6115-74) gold, Clown Fish (6505-23 ▲*) orange, Atmospheric Blue (6001-63) and Patrician Purple (6015-73) by Sico paint.

    Introspection: Techies by day need a retreat at night, and the Introspection theme delivers colours that create a calm, serene environment and much-needed respite from our busy lives. Providing a welcome balance to the energetic colours of 2015, this group of colours is loaded with soft pastels and washed-out blues, browns, pinks, purples and greys. Appearing neutral-like, these hues are actually saturated with colour, including Intrepid Blue (6022-31), Linden Wood (6192-42), Frangipani (6178-31) purple and Crosshatch (6206-42) grey by Sico paint. Building on the tranquil theme, this grounded-in-nature collection is associated with minimalistic styling, clean lines and simplicity, working well with greyed wood tones and sandy textiles.

    To view the 2015 colour trends palette by Sico paint, get design inspiration from top home décor bloggers, and use a leading-edge virtual tool to try out the 2015 colours in your own – or sample – room settings, visit the new

  • Go for Glam in 2014: Opulence Is Latest Trend in Home Decor

    SICO paint introduces unique colour palette to achieve a lavish look

    LONGUEUIL, Quebec, March 11, 2014 – We’re seeing it on the runways, on the highways, and now in all facets of home décor.

    Opulence is one of the hottest looks for the home in 2014, according to leading brand SICO® paint. It’s presenting itself with dramatic colours, rich metallic shades, and plush velvet and suede – think shimmery antique golds highlighted by sophisticated darks and extravagant gem tones such as emerald, ruby and sapphire.

    “Home décor is taking its cue from the world of fashion and cars, and this is translating into lavish colours and designs for walls, furniture, floors and accessories,” said Mylène Gévry, marketing manager for SICO paint, a brand of PPG Architectural Coatings. In unveiling the newest SICO paint colour theme, a collection of opulent hues called Design Splendour, she said the look is contemporary, mixed with vintage touches such as tapestries, brocades, damasks, embossing, toile de Jouy and gilding, reminiscent of a more regal era in history.

    “Glam décor has largely been removed from the spotlight of design since the onset of the recession in 2008, but the return of more embellished, glamorous looks demonstrates that consumers are slowly but surely renewing their interest in spending,” she said. “Rooms in the year ahead will exude decorated elegance, infused with multiple deep colours used creatively in straight lines.”

    Included in the Design Splendour paint palette is a decadent mix of both warm and cool SICO paint tones. The warm hues – such as Royal Jelly (6095-84) golden yellow, Bloody Mary (6057-65) red and Champagne Glass (6039-21) pink – are a balance of exotic, intense colour and subtle, softened neutrals. The cool tones of the palette – including Polynesian Blue (6003-73), Jazz Night (6019-83) slate and Galapagos Green (6146-73) – are rich and saturated, contrasting well with the warm shades.

    “The colours are so versatile that they aren’t limited to walls; they are also being applied to furniture, floors, trim, doors and ceilings,” Gévry said. To achieve an opulent look, she recommended enriching bold-toned walls by painting side tables, cabinets or hutches a “pop” colour such as plum, jade, ruby or gold. For best results, she advised using a high-quality coating such as SICO Furniture and Cabinets Paint, a heavy-duty alkyd emulsion product that works well on any surface, from melamine to thermoplastic, wood to ceramic tile, and medium-density fibreboard (MDF) to glass.

    Floors, which are often ignored in the decorating process, can add significant panache to a room when painted in deep, rich colours such as black or dark grey. Gévry suggested using premium paint that will withstand wear and tear over time. Satin Finish Interior and Exterior Latex Floor Paint by SICO paint, for example, offers exceptional adhesion and protection for wood and concrete floors, she said. Stairs and banisters painted in glossy dark finishes complete the sophisticated look, while adding highlights through glossy white columns or wall appliqués heightens the sense of drama.

    Classic colours such as gold and other metallic tones are best used on an accent wall, trim or the ceiling, Gévry said, especially when the space is accessorized with crystal-like touches. Gem tones can be combined in one room using stripes or patterns, or featured as single, stand-alone colours.

    “You don’t need to live in a palace to create a majestic space,” Gévry said. “With the right mix of paint colours and accessories, along with a little imagination and confidence, anyone can achieve this year’s hottest look in the home.”

    For more information about 2014 colour themes from SICO paint and to view the full Design Splendour palette, visit

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