• Rust-resistant, rubberised coatings

    Rubberised, rust-resistant, with 200% elasticity for steel (Noxyde). Waterproof coating for protection and decoration of concrete with 400% elasticity (Murfill).

  • Pool solution

    Acrylic and chlorinated rubber coatings for pools.

  • Concrete floor solution

    Specialized products for concrete floors in our Concrete Saver range include ¼” (250 mils) anti-skid surface texture topping systems to refurbish floors and concrete protection systems.

  • To seal once and for all solution

    Mulco is the leader in high-technology thermoplastic, removable sealants, offering a full range of sealing materials and adhesives for every construction and renovation need.

  • Heavy–duty solution

    Heavy-duty coatings for structural steel and concrete in the most severe environments.

  • Heavy-duty, water-based solution

    Heavy-duty, water-based coatings for interior and exterior use on metal structures and concrete floors. Odourless, 0 VOC, free from all dangerous atmospheric pollutants.