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  • Finish: {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.Category}}
  • Size: {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.PreferredSizeInfo.metric.amount}} {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.PreferredSizeInfo.metric.units}}
  • Coats: {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.NumberCoats}}
  • Coverage: {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.PreferredSizeInfo.metric.factor|number:2}} {{calculatorObject.results.PaintedAreaUnit}}/{{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.PreferredSizeInfo.metric.units}}

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  • {{calculatorObject.selectedColour.DisplayCode}}

  • {{calculatorObject.selectedColour.Name}}


  • {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.Code}}

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  • {{scope.calculatorObject.selectedColour}}



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Set Measure


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Painted Area: {{calculatorObject.results.PaintedArea}} {{calculatorObject.results.PaintedAreaUnit}}

Total Paint Required: {{calculatorObject.results.TotalPaint}} {{calculatorObject.results.TotalPaintUnit}}s


{{calculatorObject.results.numberOfContainer}} × {{calculatorObject.results.UnitVolume}} {{calculatorObject.results.TotalPaintUnit}} container considering coats = {{calculatorObject.selectedProduct.NumberCoats}}


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Find out how
  1. Paint Calculator

    Our Paint Calculator will make your life a lot easier!

    This indispensable tool calculates how much paint you’ll need based on the surface area you’re painting, the product you’ve selected and your chosen colour.

  2. Let’s say you want to paint the walls of a room.

  3. You can select a product using its name or code.

  4. The same goes for the colour you’re using. Once you’ve made your choice, you can click on “Next”.

  5. The column on the left-hand side keeps a record of all previous steps. You can always click on the red arrow if you want to go back and change any information.

  6. Are you more of a foot or a metre person? Select the unit of measurement that suits you best.

  7. Here is where you enter the surface area you’re going to paint. Use the + and - buttons to add or subtract a wall from your calculations.

  8. For more precise results, don’t forget to add the measurements of any doors or windows on your surface area. These measurements will be subtracted from the total.

  9. Your final total will appear here.

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