Advisors for Architects

Advisors for Professional Painters

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  • Colour Palette

    Colour Palette

    Use the colours of the SICO 6000 system right in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. The 1,832 colours of the SICO 6000 system are offered in an easy-to-use palette and are formulated to be as close to the original colours as possible.

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  • General Paint Specification Manual

    General Paint Specification Manual

    With this 2016 edition of its General paint specifications manual, Sico® achieves one of its main objectives, which is to update architects with the very latest developments in the paint and coatings industry.

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  • Sico's Notebook

    Sico's Notebook

    Your personal Sico's Notebook to keep all of the information you have in mind for your brand new room decoration.

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  • Paint Calculator

    Paint Calculator

    Ready. Set. Go! Think ahead to avoid a return trip to the store. Take a few minutes to calculate the right amount of paint you will need to complete your paint project!

     Paint Calculator