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New York Fashion Week Trends and how they apply to decor.

It's that time of the year again. No, not back-to-school! It's the time when magazine editors, fashion-house executives, fashion bloggers and other sartorialists flock to the Big Apple to absorb and dictate the next big fashion trends.

What's interesting for us interior designers is that design industry trends often emulate their fashion counterparts in more ways than one. Here is an overview of this year's trends in fashion and decor.

Blue and green is a hot colour combination. Deep but pale Mediterranean blue, cerulean blue, chambray and periwinkle tones mix well with sour green and olive green.

We’ve seen enough bright colours. Warm neutrals are where it’s at this year. Think about warm whites and cream tones mixed with rich beiges and browns. I’m loving camel tones and rich leather tones mixed with crisp whites and an unexpected pop of warm red. Black remains a popular staple this year, especially when mixed with white.

When it comes to metallics, brass and copper are being pushed aside in favour of cooler silver, nickel and pewter tones that work particularly well with the crisp whites and warm cream tones that are popular this season.

Muddy and greyed-out pastels, as well as 1960s shades are making a comeback: think of dusty pinks, faded tangerines and lavender shades. Mixing them with black and white or a pop of neon will give them a contemporary edge.

When it comes to patterns, florals and chintz are extremely hot, both on the runways and in homes. Offset them with complementary edgier ethnic textiles, like African batik, for a modern look.

Textures such as quilted leather and fur are popular this year also. Mix them with linens and other natural materials to balance the glam factor with a more down-to-earth edge.
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