Dog Days of Summer


August days are often long, fun and very hot. These are the days to lounge around, take a break and cool down.

August days are often long, fun and very hot. These are the days to lounge around, take a break and cool down. We too often forget that summer is short, so we should make the most of every moment. Sometimes, this just means taking the time to enjoy a nice glass of lemonade in the backyard. Other times, it means clearing out your schedule for a weekend and taking off to the beach. From small tweaks to your schedule to wardrobe essentials and fresh recipes, here are a few ideas on how to beat the heat this August.

First, check your closet for a little white dress. Can’t find one? Then head to the shops. Nothing is more suitable on a very hot day than a breezy white sundress. It will keep you cool, and looking cool.

It’s always tempting to over-ambitiously pack a weekend schedule—with errands, household chores, soccer games, your second cousin’s annual barbecue—not to mention the demands of wedding season, which guarantee you’ll have half your weekends planned by early April. Make a concerted decision to block out at least one weekend to get away. Take a trip to the beach, spend a weekend at the lake, visit a new city—you’ll create great memories and come back refreshed.

One of the great joys of my childhood summers was making yogurt popsicles. It sounds ridiculously obvious (and it is)—but they are one of those excessively simple and healthy treats that everyone loves. This will only take you away from your lounge chair for five minutes, but it will keep you chilled for days. My favourite flavour? Try blueberry.

The last thing you want to crawl under on a hot, sultry night is a flannel bed sheet. When switching out your bedding for the summer, opt for light colours that reflect light and breathable natural fibres like percale, Egyptian cotton, silk or linen (if you don’t mind the wrinkled look). Swap your heavy comforter for a light cotton-voile quilt.
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