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With summer in full swing, there’s no better way to celebrate it before it’s gone than with a summer party!

With summer in full swing, there’s no better way to celebrate it before it’s gone than with a summer party! This doesn’t have to be a lot of work. In fact, opening your doors to friends and family is easier than you think!

The key to creating a memorable event is setting the scene with summer essentials that are versatile and uncomplicated. Easy outdoor décor, soft music and lighting, simple food and drink recipes and a great crowd are all you need to throw a party to remember.

A relaxed environment is key to making your guests feel comfortable and welcome. Create an inviting atmosphere by making your outdoor space as stylish as your indoors. Bring out some rugs and consider spreading quilts, throw blankets and pillows on the ground for an easygoing vibe. Lanterns, tea lights and candles can be placed around the area to set up an intimate ambience, while the music plays at a background level so as not to overpower the conversations among your guests. They should be encouraged to mingle by avoiding a formal seating chart.

Simple tapas and finger foods are great options, as they can be prepared in advance, and cold soups are a good alternative, as they can be served in shot glasses and they don’t require heating. Set up a bar with pitchers of different drinks prepared in advance or offer ingredients to mix easy drinks that can be whipped up with no fuss!

If you have a garden, clip some fresh blooms and place them around the area in different vases. Stick to small arrangements rather than one central piece, as they blend more easily with a relaxed mood. A cotton or linen runner in a bright colour or playful pattern can add a fun twist.

Whether you host a small or large group, a summer party is the best way to celebrate the warm temperatures while they last, so don’t feel intimidated to open your doors to your friends!
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