Those Holiday Mornings


Here are a few ideas that will help you recreate the magic of the holidays around the house this year.

Remember how excited you used to get as a child when your eyes first opened in the morning during the holidays? The smell of cinnamon buns and hot chocolate in the air, the comfort of your fluffy white duvet and your flannel pyjamas, the anticipation of getting up to a beautifully decorated home filled with family and holiday cheer, and the eagerness to open all those packages under the tree? Here are a few ideas that will help you recreate the magic of the holidays around the house this year.

Get your bedroom holiday-ready: refresh your bedding, add some mood lighting with table lamps or sconces, and add a few cozy winter pillows and throws (think sheepskin, wool and other seasonal materials). Add a sheepskin throw at the side of your bed—there’s nothing like stepping onto soft sheepskin in the morning. While you’re at it, get your guestroom ready too. After all, it’s only a matter of time before your guests arrive for the holidays.

While you’re sprucing up the guest bedroom, make sure they’ll be comfortable by preparing a tray of goodies—towels and bathrobes, slippers, bottled water, bath products, etc. Throw in a seasonal scented candle and a few sweet snacks for good measure. Why not add a similar tray to your own bedroom? You’ll feel on holiday even at home.

Create a holiday playlist filled with your favourite seasonal classics and turn it on when you wake up in the morning. It will instantly brighten your mood. You can even set it up as an alarm ringtone in the morning.

Fill your house with holiday candles that smell of pine branches, cinnamon, evergreen, red currant and juniper berry. Light them up in the morning for an instant boost of holiday spirit. If you don’t have a real tree in your house, fake it with a Fraser fir-scented diffuser that will spread the fresh smell of a real tree throughout your home.

Upgrade your loungewear: soft sheepskin slippers, flannel pyjamas or cashmere sweatpants will make you want to snuggle all day long. Just add a cup of cocoa and a good book and you’re all set for a truly indulgent holiday morning.
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