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With every change of season comes the inevitable process of adaptation.

Photo Credit © [Jenny at Crazy Style Love] / []
Photo Credit © [Jenny at Crazy Style Love] / []
With every change of season comes the inevitable process of adaptation. We update our home decor, we practise weather appropriate activities, we incorporate seasonal foods and recipes into our diets and we update our wardrobes.

There’s no question that the weather and the way we dress go hand in hand. Whereas during the summer we reach for colourful pieces in playful patterns such as florals and paisleys, neutral and darker colours prevail during the winter. As the temperature drops and our surroundings start to look grey and dull, it is natural to reach for the colours that dominate winter: black, grey, burgundy, camel and deep shades of the colours we sported during the summer. But how about making a statement instead of blending in with our environment and its natural changes? Why not inject some colour when we get dressed? Don’t you get a boost when you come across people wearing bright and cheerful patterns and colours? And isn’t this even more true during the winter when all seems lifeless and bland? Even though the black-and-white trend for winter is going strong, it is refreshing to see vibrant outfits on the streets. Whether it is a bright purse, a bold coat, or a colour- and pattern-heavy scarf, there’s always a way to punch up neutral ensembles. Trending colours like bold emerald green, pink, cobalt, and bright yellow are great to pair with black and add just the right amount of colour to an otherwise neutral outfit.

Keep in mind that bright hues and bold shades are great counterpoints to winter’s darker wardrobes, and just a small accent can go a long way in making a colourful impression!
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