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  • Dog Days of Summer

    Dog Days of Summer

    August days are often long, fun and very hot. These are the days to lounge around, take a break and cool down.

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  • Bringing Flowers into your home

    Bringing Flowers into your home

    With summer upon us, we are surrounded with an abundance of beautiful flowers and greenery. Streets, parks and gardens are bursting with beautiful blooms, trees, and plants, as are flower shops and farmers’ markets.

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  • Storefronts


    Just back from a spring trip to New York, I had a great idea for this article. I remembered that, as I walked on 5th Avenue, known for its designer label boutiques, I was lost in thought.

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  • Al Fresco Dinning

    Al Fresco Dinning

    As summer approaches, there are many activities that can be taken outside to enjoy the good weather. Since outdoor living has become such a big trend, one of the best ways to take advantage of beautiful summer days and breezy nights is to get out of the house and enjoy an al fresco dining experience with friends and family.

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  • Setting a Summer Table

    Setting a Summer Table

    The weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and we're all feeling the pull of the great outdoors. It's high time for summer barbecues, garden parties and alfresco entertaining.

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  • Garbage for One Becomes a Tree-Loft for Another

    Garbage for One Becomes a Tree-Loft f...

    Recently, I’ve found myself dreaming of star-filled summer nights, of late season weekends crammed with adventure, freedom and excitement, of tree houses, cabins and forts that stood as my retreat from the ordinary: a permanent residence to facilitate a secret, early retirement.

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  • Tattoo Art

    Tattoo Art

    In many cultures worldwide, tattoo art has been around since the dawn of time. Through science, the origins of tattooing have been traced back to 3500 BC. Formerly a symbolic and religious initiation rite, it was also used to mark slaves and prisoners.

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  • Pattern Mixing

    Pattern Mixing

    There’s no question that as soon as the temperatures rise, we naturally reach for floral prints and colours as a way to leave those cold, sombre days behind. So whether or not the first weeks of spring are in full bloom, they truly are the perfect opportunity to step into pattern mixing for a unique and fashionable look.

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