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  • Beach House Bum

    Beach House Bum

    We are not all lucky enough to own beach houses, but that doesn't mean we can't all infuse our homes with a little coastal essence. Personally, the beach house vibe in my city apartment brings a smile to my face every day. It makes me feel like I’m on vacation every time I enter my house.

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  • Breathing new life through colour

    Breathing new life through colour

    Protecting the environment concerns us all. But are there any eco-friendly ways to reinvent your living space? Typically, a whole new look is more about consumption than conservation. Then again, a simple act like recycling can do wonders!

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  • Spring salad

    Spring salad

    My love affair with summer salads started a few years ago on a hot summer day in the south of France. My family and I were sitting down for a late alfresco lunch in the quaint town of Roussillon.

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  • How to Build Your New Modern Table for Under $500

    How to Build Your New Modern Table fo...

    I have always found that sky-high price tags motivate me to unearth what’s so special about the materials before they assemble into that several-thousand-dollar modern table I always ogle through the store window.

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  • The Power of Pastels

    The Power of Pastels

    With spring and Easter right around the corner, our eyes are increasingly exposed to an array of bright and happy pastel colours: from spring fashion collections to Easter gift displays and fresh blooms at the market.

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  • Dare to go black...

    Dare to go black...

    Dare to go black... Here's an interesting spring idea for you. Why black, you may ask, since we have a more vivid and colourful palette of options?

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  • At the Sugar Shack

    At the Sugar Shack

    The ambiance at the sugar shack pulls at our heartstrings and brings us back to our roots, almost as if everyone present was part of one big family. It’s a great feeling, so why not re-create that feeling in our homes or cottages when March comes around?

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  • Casual living room elegance

    Casual living room elegance

    Comfort and elegance are not mutually exclusive. Quite the contrary. I can show you the nuts and bolts of a room that, I believe, is both contemporary yet timeless and perfect for today's lifestyles.

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