Colour Trends for 2015


Given how influential colour is in our lives, let’s take a look at the colour trends for interior décor 2015.

We all know how powerful colour is in affecting our moods and emotions, and how it can influence the way we act and feel; some colours can energize us, others can calm us, and others can even stimulate feelings of sadness.  So given how influential colour is in our lives, let’s take a look at the colour trends for interior décor 2015.

Earth tones like beige, sand and cream are classic staples that we can always find in décor; they are easy to live with, they provide a sense of comfort and peace, and they give your home warmth. This year, along with these timeless hues, grey will be just as predominant as it sets the perfect backdrop to build upon. It’s a sophisticated and elegant colour that has become a new staple in interiors; so don’t be surprised to see it everywhere; same as Marsala, the earthy yet stylish rich burgundy tone that was announced as colour of the year. This particular hue will bring warmth into your home with an organic yet polished feel.

Pairing classics with unexpected accents set a dynamic mood, so to keep things interesting, reach for Mediterranean Blue, Turquoise, and bright Pink for a vibrant pop of colour. Just keep in mind that in order to make a bold yet stylish statement, the use of bright colours should be strategic, and you should limit their use to allow them to take center stage without clashing with your décor. Consider adding these in the form of decorative accessories like vases, trays, throws, pillows and those loose items on your shelving displays for an unexpected and beautiful contrast.

And just as these vibrant hues will be present this year, you can expect muted versions of pink, blue and green. The twist is that this year they will be paired with vibrant colours and exotic patterns to keep them from making your space look overly sweet.

Whether you decide to hop on a colour trend or not, the key is to incorporate colours that appeal to you, comfort you, and ultimately help you achieve the perfect balance.
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