Welcoming the holidays into your home


With December approaching and temperatures dropping, we begin to witness seasonal merchandise appearing everywhere.

With December approaching and temperatures dropping, we begin to witness seasonal merchandise appearing everywhere; retailers stock up on seasonal decorations, restaurants and coffee shops start offering seasonal foods like pumpkin, gingerbread and eggnog on their menus, and even radio stations start to play holiday music. Consequently, as the holiday celebrations approach, creating a warm and festive environment should be the focus of our home décor during this time of the year. After all, holidays mean family time and, whether or not you decide to play host, creating a warm, festive and welcoming environment will get you in the mood to celebrate this important time of the year.

Sprucing up your home for the holidays shouldn’t be a difficult task. In fact, bringing some cheer into your home can be easily achieved with some simple but well-thought-out decorating ideas. The main goal is to create a space that feels cozy, special and festive and one of the easiest ways to get into the holiday spirit is to bring into your home the quintessential Christmas flower: the poinsettia. This beautiful plant will instantly add colour and a festive touch for the entire season.

Another easy way to enhance and liven up any space in your home is by putting scented candles on coffee tables, side tables, kitchen counters and in powder rooms.  Nothing makes a room feel warmer than candlelight, so set the mood with ones that are made with a mix of traditional and spice scents like pine, eucalyptus, cedar wood, cinnamon, clove and balsam. Another decorating great idea is to place a fresh wreath in the center of your dining table. Put some pinecones or apples in the middle and you have a beautiful table décor. Wreaths can also be displayed on doors to add more flair, especially on your front door; and displaying family holiday cards makes a thoughtful statement that is certainly appreciated by friends and family. Potpourri blends displayed in clear bowls and vases not only make a great décor alternative, but are also great to have handy in the kitchen when you want to enjoy a fresh and festive scent in your home.

Remember that whether you decide to keep it simple, or go all out with your holiday décor, there’s a saying that a holiday home is a welcoming home!
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