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What if you decorated your home for the whole winter — instead of just the holiday season?

In North American culture, December is synonymous with the holiday season. Folks get together for holiday meals and parties all month long, plus decorate their offices, schools, homes and more. These decorations, from generation to generation, are typically traditional in nature. This year, though, why don't you decorate a little differently?

Holiday decorations, often beautiful, brighten up our living spaces with their magnificent colours and lights. We put them up only for a short time, maybe a month. What if you decorated your home for the whole winter — instead of just the holiday season?

Wintertime is a bleak period when "life" around us seems to be in hibernation mode: the trees are stripped bare, the ground is covered by a blanket of snow and daylight is at a premium. Against this lifeless backdrop, your lovely decor would bring you a measure of comfort throughout our long winters.

Texture, material and lighting are the key to creating the right look for the next three months. To show you what I mean, indulge me for a moment: Imagine a toasty, comfortable place like a cottage to create your winter look. Now, think bigger than the traditional decorations you've had at home for years. Decorate with the idea that, come January 1, when your holiday decorations return to the basement, a part of your decor can remain there.

Texture adds style. Think fabric like wool, satin or fur for cushions and throws to add a bit of winter warmth to your home.

Material brings relief. Think natural decorative elements like bark, branches, rocks, stones and glass that give where you live extra life.

Lighting provides comfort during our short winter days and long winter nights. Candlelight, lanterns and garlands of lights on your fireplace should do the trick. If you don't own a fireplace, though, there are ethanol ones you can reuse outside during the summertime. You can even combine different sources of light to create a warmer atmosphere.

My advice? Mix the three elements to create your look. In your living room, for example, put a wool throw and fur cushions on your sofa and, in front of your fireplace, place two large glass vases with birch bark garlands of LED light inside. This way, you'll appreciate your home in a whole new way when those long winter nights arrive.
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Caroline Larocque began her career as a kitchen designer right after she completed her studies.

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