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Whether you're renovating or building a living space at home, why not use windows as decorative frames?

Photo Credit Maxime Brouillet
Photo Credit Maxime Brouillet
When we redecorate our homes, most of us leave frames — often considered a purely decorative element — to the very end. What if I told you that you could take the framing in your home to a whole new level without even a single frame?
Whether you're renovating or building a living space at home, why not use windows as decorative frames? Or, when you do the design for your project, consider accentuating certain architectural elements in the room.
I once worked on the design of a new family home located on the edge of a lake. The view was absolutely stunning. When this type of opportunity arises, I immediately suggest to my clients to let their windows and window frames play a greater role. And there are all kinds of ways to go this route: draw a clear line between the wall and the window with a dark frame, painted a dark colour inside the frame or vary its material. If the frame and wall are the same shade, I would suggest an accent on larger windows. This type of framing leaves plenty of room for the view, which is incorporated into your home's interior design and becomes an integral part of the overall look. I've also advised clients to paint corridor walls with multiple windows a dark colour to create a contrast with the outside, bringing out the brilliance and splendour of the view.
There are, of course, other ways to spruce up a living space — by, for example, framing any element you want to highlight. During one project, we wanted to focus on a black-painted steel grand staircase. We opted for a black steel frame with a window that, by providing depth to the space, gave it both a spatial and aesthetic dimension.
Dare to accentuate the windows and other architectural elements in your rooms, enveloping their real value to reveal their full potential!


Photo Credit Maxime Brouillet
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