The Magic of Lights


Most people love the winter holiday season. It brings us back to our childhood and happy times with family.

Most people love the winter holiday season. It brings us back to our childhood and happy times with family. With age, I've come to realize that the magic of this season is still with me. It starts during the day (usually December 1) we set up our Christmas tree and decorations, but it's in full force the first night we turn on our Christmas tree lights.

Don't you just love how these lights sparkle at night in homes so full of life and the shimmering snow? Maybe all this beauty comes from the fact that we have very little natural light in the winter and the days just seem longer and gloomier.

Electric lights are a fixture of modern life — for practical uses like general, mood and accent lighting. But when we use lights as decoration, they take on a life of their very own. They become magnificent, even magical. Winter decorative lights have the same effect on me as a blazing campfire or a flickering candle — they dazzle me.

Exterior lights are simply beautiful. They give our white, lifeless streets a whole new lease on life. They grace our drives on Quebec's charming, tiny lanes. Personally, I find them so welcoming, like the muted foyer lights of long ago that lit up homes upon the arrival of guests. Now, the gentle lights of walkways greet us and warm our hearts.

Interior lights have a mysterious, cozy quality. They extend your evenings, giving a warm and comforting feel to your room. They allow you to relax and spend beautiful moments with your family. Imagine a winter evening talking with your family over a good meal. This scene certainly would not have the same charm without soft lighting gleaming off the decorations around you.

What gives Christmas lights their magic is their short lifespan — only a few weeks — and their knack of reminding us that it's wonderful to spend time together. These are the moments that remain forever etched in our minds. This year, you should really take a moment to notice the beauty of the lights in your neighbourhood and let their magic cast a spell over you.
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