The bohemian modern trend is perfect for your outdoor room


We recently found out that the 70s are back in full force in the world of fashion and home decor.

We recently found out that the 70s are back in full force in the world of fashion and home decor. In the world of interiors (and exteriors) this trend has given way to the “new bohemian” style, which is fresh and modern, yet bohemian in essence. Here’s why you should incorporate it into your outdoor décor this summer.

We increasingly treat our backyards, patios and balconies as outdoor rooms that require the same level of thought and planning as any other room in the house. Gone are the days of the awful patio sets. The new outdoor room is filled with textures and colours: all-weather rugs, outdoor pillows and throws are increasing in popularity, making space for a huge selection of fun colourful and patterned fabrics that can sustain practically any weather.

Patterned ceramic tiles are making their way in our homes and in our outdoor rooms. Whether you’re tiling a covered patio or an outdoor shower (lucky you!) these tiles bring personality and colour into any decor. To balance everything out, mix the patterned tiles with modern furniture made of teck or rattan.

The romantic notions associated with the bohemian aesthetic often has a lot to do with string lighting. Especially in urban areas where the stars are hidden by bright city lights, nothing is prettier than looking up at night and staring at hundreds of twinkling lights.

Plants are another essential component of the modern bohemian outdoor room. Don’t limit yourself to the garden. Potted or hanging plants of all kinds can help to layer your outdoor room. In covered areas, choose succulents or cactus that don’t require a lot of maintenance or water.

After the plants, the pillows and the string lights, accessorizing your outdoor room can be as easy as adding a few occasional stools and tables or a few lanterns. The key is to make sure that your space is layered but not in a cluttered way. Clean lines and negative space will help you achieve a look that’s both a little bohemian and of-the-moment modern.
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