Your Ultimate Glossary of 2015 Home Decor Trends


It's no secret that home decor trends follow fashion.

It's no secret that home decor trends follow fashion. As we're wrapping up fashion month around the world, I prepared a glossary of trends that we can expect to see from runway to room in 2015.

Of the many trends to grace the runways this February, one thing is clear: the 70's are back! Yes, I also gasped in horror initially at the thought of orange and brown shag carpets making a comeback, but fear not: this version of the 70s is refined, modern, minimal and dare I say, elegant. Think less "That 70's Show" and more "Royal Tenenbaums meets Bohemian Chic” à la Tulum or Montauk. Here are a few key words to help you digest this year’s upcoming trends.

Africana: We're seeing a lot of animal furs, feathers and hides of all kinds, from antelope to zebra, along with traditional African kuba cloth textiles, safari chairs, petrified wood stools and antlers. The safari look is back.

Brutalism: weird name, cool trend. This actually refers to a design movement from the 60s and 70s (think of Montreal's very own Habitat 67 or your grandmother's starburst mirror)! We're seeing a comeback of these post-apocalyptic metallic wall sculptures and light fixtures in brass and copper. We even spotted some in Christian Grey’s apartment in 50 shades of Grey!

Gypset: this one blends the words "gypsy" and "jet-set", and refers to the modern bohemian. Imagine floral prints, breezy linens and worldly influences from Indian batik textiles to Moroccan Berber rugs.

Haberdashery: this trend refers to the masculine tendencies we’re seeing on runways just as much as in the home this year. Imagine a refined man-cave filled with plaid, tweed and wool, tan leather and darker more neutral tones.

Suede: this one is pretty self explanatory, but I think I speak for everyone when I say we didn't see the return of suede coming so quickly. This time around, it's in muted pastel shades like dusty pink and camel.
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