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Over the last few years, "home staging" has become a buzzword we hear often, thanks to design and renovation TV shows.

Over the last few years, "home staging" has become a buzzword we hear often, thanks to design and renovation TV shows. Personally, I've never worked directly on this type of contract. However, many customers have asked me to redesign their homes just to sell them, telling me later that my design had been instrumental in selling their property.
Recently, a client told me she sold her house much faster than she ever expected. In a buyer's market, where dozens and dozens of homes are for sale, how did she manage to make a sale so quickly? The buyers themselves gave her the answer: her property had stood out because it was truly in turnkey condition.
If you're thinking about selling your property, a well-designed, well-organized look is definitely a winning factor. Simply renovating your home to bring it up to date is a worthwhile investment if you plan to put it up for sale in the near future.
You can, of course, renovate your home eclectically, based on your own personal taste, if you want to keep it a long time, but there's nothing more sellable than a house renovated with restraint, high-quality, long-lasting building material and a flexible design.
By flexible design, I mean a look that can keep up with the times. This typically translates into neutral colours like light gray, beige and white — just what you need to make sure every room in your home can stand the test of time. Your accents should therefore come from the accessories you choose. Remember that potential buyers must be able to easily imagine themselves living in this setting. So, even if they don't like your accessories, either because of the colour or something else, they know they can easily adjust the look and take these factors out of their buying decision.
But what if you do the opposite and renovate without thinking about the potential consequences on the sale of your home: like if you do one bathroom in red ceramic. This room may have been designed by Canada's best designer, but if your prospects don't like red, they will want to replace everything. And the only thing they'll see when visiting your home are their out-of-pocket costs.
Now you can see why TV shows on renovating homes for resale all claim that the key to success is depersonalization. All you need to do is go for more neutral colors. This may simply involve light-coloured walls. Then, if you feel like it, go beyond a coat of paint and renovate wisely. When the day comes to sell your home, you can be sure that your investment will pay off.
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Caroline Larocque began her career as a kitchen designer right after she completed her studies.

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