Multifunctional furniture to the rescue of small spaces


In North America, we have the opportunity to enjoy vast spaces, living in properties with large rooms that fulfill a unique function

Photo credit Resource Furniture Montréal
Photo credit Resource Furniture Montréal
In North America, we have the opportunity to enjoy vast spaces, living in properties with large rooms that fulfill a unique function: bedroom, dining room, laundry room, to name a few. It's a very different story in Europe and the overpopulated countries of Asia.
In fact, properties in Europe and Asia are generally small — some dwellings contain only a few rooms, even just one. For people in these continents, it could be a real day-to-day planning headache! Imagine your laundry room, kitchen and dining room in one space or, worse, your bedroom, office and living room.
In comparison, lofts are much more a fashion choice for us than a solution that addresses a social situation. North Americans are not pioneers of built-in multifunctional furniture, which has revolutionized the way designers elsewhere come up with ideas.
Our society, though, is changing. New urban projects offering smaller dwellings are multiplying. The owner of a condo located in a downtown tower recently asked me to design a functional office that could be transformed, whenever necessary, into the perfect child's room. Although his kids slept over from time to time, he did not want his condo to have too many rooms, but he also did not want to ignore his children's needs either. He was eager to make sure they were comfortable and happy, so they would feel right at home whenever they came over.
After some research, I came upon furniture that's not only transformable, but also aesthetically pleasing to the eye — not to mention ingenious! Keep in mind that multifunctional furniture comes with a wide choice of materials and systems, so nothing should prevent you from making your decorative ideas a reality.
No matter why you move into a smaller space — whether it's because of your lifestyle, location or budget — you can let your imagination run wild. Within reach, there's always a solution that can make your home as warm and cozy as you want.


Photo credit Resource Furniture Montréal
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