Get Your Guest Room Ready Before the Holidays


The Holiday season: filled with joyfulness and cheer… and a whole lot of extended family casually dropping by for a few days.

The Holiday season: filled with joyfulness and cheer… and a whole lot of extended family casually dropping by for a few days. It might feel overwhelming to have people staying in your (let’s be honest) neglected guest room, but these tips will whip it back into shape in no time.

Ok, no one has stayed in your guest room since last Christmas, and now it resembles more of a second storage unit than a bedroom. Fear not, you can transform your guest bedroom into the five-star accommodation it should be with these simple steps.

First, edit the room down. Anything that wouldn’t belong in a hotel bedroom goes. That includes your dirty laundry, out-of-season fans, golf clubs, and anything else you might have snuck in there over the year.

Second, the essentials: do you have a bed (hopefully), two nightstands with lamps (and functioning light bulbs)? Do you have a dresser for your guests to store their belongings and if so, are the drawers empty? Do you have a full length mirror in the room (not essential, but so convenient)? Do you have a chair, or a luggage rack where your guests can prop their bags, unpack or simply sit down? Is there a rug in the room and is it soft underfoot? Are there hangers in the closet (and is it empty or packed with junk)? Once you’ve covered the basics, you can move on to the finishing touches.

Nothing makes guests feel comfortable quite like crisp white hotel bedding and fluffy white towels. It might be tempting to set them up with your extra set of worn out bedding, but if you only make one purchase for your guest bedroom this year, this should be it. Leave a stack of towels on the bed.

Finally, take a tour around your new guest room and try to anticipate your guests’ needs. A water carafe with a couple of glasses on the nightstand is a nice touch. Think of what they might have forgotten (or would like to have in a hotel room) and prepare a tray filled with essentials: travel-sized bath products, extra toothbrushes/toothpaste, chocolate, snacks, magazines, a notepad and a pen… This small gesture goes a long way to make your guests as comfortable as possible. Don’t forget to leave them a spare key and the WiFi password on the nightstand.

An hour before your guests arrive, light up a nice scented candle in the room, and place a small bouquet of fresh flowers on the nightstand. Your guests will feel like they’re staying at the Ritz.
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