Dare to Go Bold


Using bold colours can pack some serious punch in any room, but there are some key things to do to keep from going overboard.

Photo credit © Lyndsay Agnew
Photo credit © Lyndsay Agnew
Using bold colours can pack some serious punch in any room, but there are some key things to do to keep from going overboard. 
You don’t need to look much further than to your own wardrobe for an initial burst of inspiration. Our preferred palettes and textiles tend to reveal themselves through our clothing, which makes your own favourite outfit the perfect jumping-off point. Ask yourself the following questions: What makes you most comfortable? When do you feel your best? Is your space a formal pantsuit or casual summer dress? The answer to these questions will give you some initial insight into how far you are willing to push the envelope in your home. 
Don’t play it safe when it comes to colour. This bold blue space would not have the same impact if the wall colour were even a few shades lighter. The trick to choosing the right tone is to look to the classics. The deep wall colour was pulled from a classic Austin Healey sports car.
The eye needs a place to rest in any space, but more so when using bold tones. The beamed ceiling, window mullions and built-in bookcase all add visual interest, but painting them all the same colour and adding colour-matched drapery panels allows the eye to move easily through the room. This lays the groundwork for the focal point. Here, an old oil painting over the stone fireplace adds huge impact when you walk in the room, while the navy velvet sofa and red accents keep things interesting through varying textures and patterns. 
Bold doesn’t always mean dark colours, but if it does for you consider all your options for lighting. As you can see, layered pot lights with floor and table lamps help to keep this particular room well-lit and full of sparkle all day. Plus, directing your lighting onto well-placed design elements will give any space extra pop and polish.  
Dare to be bold and try some of these simple tips to add a bold punch of colour to any space.


Photo credit © Lindsay Agnew
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