2014 decorating trends


Well, well, well, the New Year has arrived and so have many new trends to consider. Here are my favourites.

Well, well, well, the New Year has arrived and so have many new trends to consider. Here are my favourites.

Yellow—whether it’s sunshine or dandelion, gold or pastel, yellow is all the rage this year. No colour is more cheerful than yellow. Yellow, considered a reassuring, optimistic, energizing and warm colour, goes perfectly with any decor.

Add a hint as a finishing touch to grey decor for a more contemporary urban look or a to pink colour scheme for a “preppy” look. With beige or cream, yellow gives your decor a more “country” or “rustic” feel.

Modern, organic kitchens—in the kitchen, minimalistic textures and natural products are still hallmarks. To avoid an institutional look, you can add warmth and a more natural feel with wood, carved stone and bamboo.

The tartan look—long relegated to Scottish kilts and schoolgirl scarves, tartan has made quite a comeback. Wool throws, decorative pillows, accessories and upholstery will spruce up this year with a kaleidoscope of colours.

Multi-purpose decor—the influx of small-size condos, and their escalating cost per square foot, is a fact. To design these small spaces without compromising the comfort we’ve come to expect, you must ensure that the decor accommodates more than one purpose. You’ll need to think about the dual purpose of your furniture and where you’ll place your pieces.

Floral vs. geometric prints—for many seasons, you have seen magazines and shops inundated with a broad spectrum of geometric prints. Avant-garde and predictable in pattern, these designs are the antithesis of more romantic and bohemian floral and paisley prints, two motifs that are once again on trend. You can add them in small doses to your decor with white and grey shades around the edges. Plus, you can choose large floral prints in vibrant colours to maintain a contemporary look.
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