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There comes a time when you just have to dust off your basement, give it a makeover and start enjoying it.

There comes a time when you just have to dust off your basement, give it a makeover and start enjoying it. Basements are the perfect place for a few extra rooms, especially in a home that seems to be shrinking as your family and needs grow. Expecting a third child any day now? Have teenagers commandeered your living room? Are your grown-up daughters spending too much time in the bathroom? These are all great reasons to finish your basement, an extra space you already have.
Basements, in most cases, come with a number of inconveniences that discourage people from fully taking advantage of them. Often dimly lit, basements are the least inviting room in your home. Plus, the height of your average basement ceiling generally leads to design headaches. But there are ways to overcome these obstacles! There's no point in clearing the way to break ground and add additional windows or embarking on major renovations to boost your foundation. The project shown above is a good example of what my designer tips and tricks can do for your basement.
When you're ready to finish the space, the first thing to do, of course, is to identify your needs. To enlarge the space, split it into well-defined areas without partitioning it. An open space is ideal for creating a sense of grandeur. To divide the space, use different shades on your walls or alter the colour of your accessories when the purpose of this room changes.
Bright, vibrant colours, the best makeover choices for a somewhat gloomy room, can bring new life to your abandoned basement.
If your basement doesn't have enough natural light and low ceilings make the room darker, feel free to use pure white as the base colour. White reflects light and, once again, boosting your basement's brightness is an ingenious way to make it look larger. After applying the white base, you can add touches of vibrant colours.
Above all, remember that every basement is a hidden treasure. All you need to do is follow these guidelines to get the extra living space your family so desperately 
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