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What do I enjoy most about design? Rooms for children!

What do I enjoy most about design? Rooms for children! In fact, this type of project rarely curbs my creativity because kids, unlike adults, naturally go for designs a far cry from the standards. They love amazingly clever ideas that are out of the ordinary, letting me have some fun and let my imagination run wild — all the way back to my childhood!
When you design a playroom, you want to make sure it appeals to children and it's worth the investment in the long run. Dedicating time and money to this room may require some planning, but remember that great designs can stay in style for years to come.
Here's what you need to do to design a playful, lively room where any child would want to spend time, even as they grow up...
1) Design a playful room
Children need a fun and recreational place to play — in other words, where they can freely run around, climb, hide, you name it. Here, for example, the reading corner is elevated, so your child needs to climb up to get to it. The television is also hidden to create a small world at the back.
2) Design a lively playroom
To make a playroom lively, it must allow your children to play and interact with every element of it, whether it's one of their games or the decor itself. You can hang a vinyl mural, for example, where children, equipped with non-permanent pencils, can create their own comic books day after day with their friends. This is the very opposite of a staid design!
3) Design a scalable room
Over time, as your children grow up, you will need to change your playroom into a room with a different purpose — without requiring any major upgrades. For example, you could turn your reading corner into a hangout for your teenaged children and their buddies. The TV corner can be converted to a space reserved for video games, do-it-yourself projects, homework or board games. And the vinyl mural? Well, it can be transformed from a comic book to a note board.
In short, armed with only your imagination, you can build an inexpensive children's playroom that will, if it's playful, lively and scalable, stand the test of time. By opting for vibrant colors and a neutral theme — avoiding cartoon characters of any kind — you won't restrict this room to a certain age group, giving your kids a cozy, timeless place to grow up.

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