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Times change. So does the way families live. Some spaces, like private sitting rooms and formal dining rooms, are now rare, even outdated.

Times change. So does the way families live. Some spaces, like private sitting rooms and formal dining rooms, are rare, even outdated now. Today, these otherwise underutilized spaces have a new lease on life—as the family room.
Like the name suggests, this room is dedicated to family life, watching movies or playing games. For these reasons, it should be warm, inviting and practical. Of course, this room can still showcase an ultra-modern look and benefit every member of the family. You need certain must-haves to create a state-of-the-art, comfortable family room.
Mixing and matching materials and textures accounts for much of this room’s mood. Choose textures that are soft to the touch, relaxing-looking and washable. Leather is also a great option that adds just the right touch of manliness and refinement to your family room.
Remember, storage is key. Below are tips for maximizing your space and keeping toys, games, joysticks and game consoles out of sight. Consider, for example, baskets near your sofa, an ottoman that opens up, a TV unit with doors to hide your electronics. If you have enough space, you should also opt for a sofa table behind your couch and put your books and storage baskets underneath it.
Electronics, a necessary evil, have become an integral part of our lives. If you’re a “techie,” you can even try to set up your gadgets, making sure to conceal the wires. Of course, you can also ask a pro to do the job. To make your family room truly cutting edge, you should also consider an intelligent home automation system as an option—giving you smart control over how your home works from anywhere.
Last but not least, there’s your lighting. To create a warm, sophisticated atmosphere in your room, it’s a good idea to opt for multi-intensity lighting from different sources. A sculptural suspended fixture can set the right tone and even be enhanced by table or floor lamps close to where everyone sits.
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