SICO Performa® Interior Paint

Professional Painter

Product Details

The essentials at a value price. A line of self-priming and easy to apply paint.


  • Self-priming paint for walls and ceilings
  • Zero VOC before colourant is added
  • Good hiding power
Code Finish Base Sizes Download
610-550 Flat Pure White 5 Gallon, Gallon
611500 Flat Pure White 5 Gallon
611500 Flat Tintable White Quart, Gallon
611502 Flat Medium Base Quart
611502 Flat Tintable White Gallon
611503 Flat Neutral Base Quart
611503 Flat Medium Base Gallon
613500 Eggshell Tintable White Gallon, Quart
613500 Eggshell Neutral Base 5 Gallon
613502 Eggshell Tintable White Gallon
613502 Eggshell Medium Base Quart
613503 Eggshell Neutral Base Quart
613503 Eggshell Medium Base Gallon
617500 Semi-Gloss Neutral Base 5 Gallon
617500 Semi-Gloss Tintable White Quart, Gallon
617502 Semi-Gloss Tintable White Gallon
617-502 Semi-Gloss Medium Base Quart
617503 Semi-Gloss Neutral Base Quart
617503 Semi-Gloss Medium Base Gallon