2 easy design ideas for small rooms


Transform your small room into a multi-purpose space

Have you decided to make the most of your home by following our advice to combine two spaces into one? Fabulous! Now, what room should you transform to meet your needs? For inspiration, here are two design ideas from our Instagram collaborators Vanessa Béland and Justice Brouillette.


IDEA 1: Living room with kids’ corner

Like many parents, our collaborator Vanessa Béland (@fleurmaison) chose to redo her living room to add a little nook just for her daughter. She wanted a living space that was multi-functional and would look fresh for years to come. To do so, she used a square accent wall to visually separate the kids’ corner. She painted it in Sico Millet Seed (6113-32), a soft yellow that stimulates creativity. As a final touch, Vanessa painted the desktop in Ritual Rose (6066-31). She did the same to the top of the TV stand to create a cohesive look. The results are amazing!

IDEA 2: Combination bathroom and laundry room

The basement laundry room of the home of our collaborator Justine Brouillette (@justinebrouill) was always messy and underused. So, she decided to add a bathroom to make the most of the space. With only one other bathroom in her home, it was the practical choice. The rest of Justine’s home is mostly painted white, but she wanted her new space to wow. So, she painted an arch in Sico Deserted Beach (6230-21) on the wall behind the vanity mirror. She chose a feature arch because the shape matched her rounded mirror. This element gave the space originality and style.

Follow the lead of our collaborators and transform your small room into a stylish multi-purpose space!

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