5 colours

That will surely brighten your mood!

5 colours

Deep Amethyst Paint Colour (6043-63)

5 colours that will surely brighten your mood!

Did you know that colour can affect your mood? It’s true. Whether they’re energizing or subtle, cozy or eccentric, colours play a significant role in our lives, and their presence can even set the tone for the day. If you’re looking to start your day on the right foot, here are five of our favourite colours that can help put you in a more positive frame of mind.

The surprising effects of colour

Persian Cat (6203-11)

The surprising effects of colour

In the world of interior design, every colour has a different meaning. Warmer tones, like reds, oranges, and yellows can invigorate a space, while cooler shades like blues or purple are known for their calming properties. So before you start the process of painting a room, first, you need to establish what kind of mood you’re hoping to inspire in that particular space.

Mindful use of colour can be therapeutic, an easy way to keep you feeling happy throughout the day!


Blue-winged Warbler

Blue-winged Warbler is a warm turquoise that also happens to be Sico’s paint colour of the year for 2021. It recalls the cool depths of a body of water and the luscious foliage of a dense forest.

Team this turquoise up with lighter, creamy tones and warm beiges to help lift your spirits, and you’ll feel like you’re on vacation without ever having to leave home.

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Copper Sand

This vibrant colour feels vaguely exotic, which lends Copper Sand paint colour its positive feeling. This is the kind of bold paint colour that can help jog your creativity, making it a sublime choice for the office or studio.

You also might want to consider painting your bedroom this orange to wake up in a good mood.

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Deep Amethyst

Daring and moody, Deep Amethyst paint colour offers your room an elegance beyond compare. We love it for its soothing quality, the type of colour that creates a cozier, intimate feeling making it perfect for the living room.

Stay in and curl up on the couch beside your family — you’ll want to with this hue!

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Persian Cat

Persian Cat is a paint colour that inspires comfort — not unlike the furry friend we named this paint after!

Persian Cat’s neutral tones will look great anywhere in the house, either as an accent wall or coating the entire room!

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Lemon Tart

Lemon Tart is an exuberant and enthusiastic colour that is brimming with energy!

Use this conversation-starting paint colour to brighten up the kitchen, or try it out in the playroom and let its liveliness distract from any clutter.

From your living room to your bedroom, try these paint colours out for yourself!  

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