3 colour combinations

For your next decor project

 3 colour combinations

Your next décor project needs these colours

Matching and playing with colours is no easy feat. Some would even say that matching colours for the purposes of balance and unity is its own art form. To help you achieve incredible results, our team of colour experts have picked out three compatible colour duos that can be easily used for your next décor project.

Complementary colours

Complementary colours are two colours that face one another on opposite sides of the colour wheel. For example, a turquoise, like our colour of the year Blue-winged Warbler (6160-52) matches perfectly with an earthy-toned orange like Acoma Stone (6073-63). Turquoise can brighten up a room, especially when paired with warm colors. Oranges, on the other hand, are said to boost appetites. That means that a pairing like this would feel right at home in a dining room setting. We especially love how this combination works alongside organic details like natural wood. Bring together all these elements to create a warm, inviting setting that will make for a beautiful backdrop when the whole family gathers around the table.

Contrasting colours

When we say "contrasting," what we’re referring to is, of course, opposites. In this instance, we're creating a striking contrast between colours like our Church at Auvers (6044-73) and the soothing Feng Shui (6222-21) beige. This decor style creates a truly bold chiaroscuro (strong light and dark contrasts) effect like none other. If your house has a staircase, this would be the ideal spot for a contrasting colour combo. Dark colours absorb light, creating dimension and depth in smaller spaces, which is why we believe this combination would work best in smaller sections of the home, like hallways or stairwells.

Tone-on-tone colours

Tone-on-tone matching lets you choose a single colour and play with its different shades. To achieve this look, we invite you to consult the Sico colour charts found at hardware stores. Another example of successful pairing, our colour experts suggest matching the colour Great Grey Whale (6202-41) with its much darker companion, Kennetcook Slate (6157-63). Perhaps an unconventional choice, these two colours make for an undeniably soothing colour combination, the kind that would fit beautifully in a baby’s room, a space that requires a peaceful ambiance.

Want to test these pairings in your home?

Simply click on the link below to visualize these colours in the Deco SICO Colour Lab.  Upload a picture of your room or use some of our beautiful stock photagraphy and get inspired.