Brighten up your space

A colourful area will do the trick. Try it!

Brighten up your space

Banana Tree (6096-74)

Create a colourful area on your wall to give structure to a space

Living without colour is so boring. Just scroll through Pinterest or any home décor magazine and you’ll see it’s absolutely everywhere. Textured walls, dark accents, geometric shapes: this year, brighten up your space with some colour! Here are 3 ideas to create a colourful area on your wall in no time.

In the bathroom

In the bathroom

All you need is a vision and a touch of paint colour to change the look of a whole room. To liven up your bathroom, why not paint a specific area or an accent wall behind your sink? Take inspiration from your decorative elements, like a terrazzo floor here, to match your colours perfectly. We particularly love the Pink Fresco (6070-41) shade above that perfectly matches with the Cloud of Volcanic Ashes (6208-21) grey chosen for the underside of the sink.


In the kids’ room

What better place to let your creativity go wild than in the kids’ room? It’s well known that kids adore colourful places. Geometric zoning is the perfect way to embellish a room with a strong yet measured dose of colour. Here, the dynamic yellow Banana Tree (6096-74) highlights the mosaic of wall shelves. The result is a focal point that catches the eye. We love it!


In the living room

Zoning is an easy and effective way to demarcate and enhance a given area. It’s therefore perfect to highlight a gallery of frames on the wall. Whether you choose a bold, assertive shade or a softer tone like Grey Fin (6202-31), it will make your art pop and improve your entire décor.


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