Create an impact

With a stencil wall

Create an impact

How to stencil a wall with your favourite paint colours

Nothing makes you feel quite at home like being able to show your true colours! And while wallpaper can be hard to personalize and be a bit of a headache to apply, stencils stand out and really make a statement! Beautify a wall in your home using stencils in just three easy steps. 
Step-by-step instructions, for a one-of-a-kind result

Step 1. Prep your surface

Step 1. Prep your surface

Apply a coat of base colour and let dry for at least 3 hours. You can use a store-bought stencil or, using a precision knife, trace and cut out the shape you want in a piece of cardboard or plastic.

Step 2. Apply your stencil

Starting at the top of the wall, affix your stencil using low-tack tape. Apply a thin coat of your chosen top colour inside the stencil. Let dry.

Step 3. Repeat

In order to properly align your designs, make a mark directly underneath the stencil before carefully removing it and repeating the process.

Step 4. Enjoy!

Easy to create and spectacular to look at, accent walls elevate any room in your home. Add some colour to your life and try stenciling today! 

personalized colours

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