SICO® PRESTIGE for Ceilings Interior Stain-Blocking Ceiling Paint

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Product Details

Tintable to over 600 true one-coat hide** colours, Sico Prestige stain-blocking, super premium interior ceiling paint plus primer covers existing paint colours in a single coat**.  Plus, Colour Protect Technology based on PPG automotive coatings technology helps prevent colours from fading. Available in ultra-smooth flat sheen.


  • Super premium, stain-blocking interior vinyl acrylic ceiling paint plus primer.
  • Over 600 one-coat hide colours.** Covers in fewer coats than any other Sico ceiling paint.
  • Low spatter, mildew†† resistant ultra-flat washable finish that helps to hide imperfections.
** Only when tinted to colours from the Sico One-Coat Ceiling Colour Palette. Certain colour changes, applications on porous substrates and differences in painting skills might require additional coats. †† Formulated to resist mildew growth on the paint film.
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941-113 Gallon/3.78 L (01)